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Optical non-contact measurement systems

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The measuring system on the basis of 2D laser scanner is designed to measure geometry of shafts of different shape. This system provides a three-dimensional model of the >>>

Device for laser control of straight pipe, rods and the like small diameters


Laser alignment systems are designed for adjustment of machines, alignment of machine-tool parts, flatness and straightness measurement, straightening and adjustment of shafts, aligning and calibration of spindle axes >>>

The system is designed for automatic noncontact laser inspection of various range springs geometry in loaded (up to 10 t) and unloaded condition.


Measuring system for the control of large size products


Equipment for measuring the thickness of the transparent polymer film, silicate or organic glass


The system is designed for automatic edgewise and lengthwise thickness inspection of rolled articles (bed) during the technological process


The system for cylindrical tubes geometrical dimensions inspection (hereinafter referred to as the System) is designed for inspection of outer diameter, wall thickness, thickness differential, ovality and >>>

The instrument for flat objects geometry inspection allows to identify and measure geometrical parameters of transparent and non-transparent objects


The system is designed for non-contact measurement and control, as well as adjusting the diameter of cable, wire and other objects (e.g., rods, wire, tubing, stems, etc.) in >>>