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Laser systems for shafts, tubes and other objects alignment

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Laser systems for shafts, tubes and other objects alignment

Laser alignment systems for shafts, pipes and other objects

Laser alignment systems are designed for calibration of machines, alignment of machine parts on the centre, measuring flatness and straightness, leveling and alignment of the shafts, adjustment and calibration of the spindle axis, and many other applications.

Laser alignment systems are highly accurate, easy to use and can be used for almost any alignment task, as well ass straightness and flatness control.

The elements of alignment system can be easily accommodated in the holes with diameters from 38 mm to 914 mm (or more).

Length of objects for alignment can be up to 100 m.

Alignment system consists of high precision highly stable laser that defines the optical measurement axis and a set of receiving targets which measure the deviation of objects from the optical axis.

All information about the measurements is transmitted to the operator panel.

Deviation measurement accuracy up to 0.1 µm.
Repeatability of measurements up to 0.025 µm.

Metrological data

Laser type Class II, 635 nm
Class I in scanning mode.
Laser power 0.9 mwatt
Beam stability 0.005 mm/hour/degree С
angular stability 0.36 seconds/hour/degree С
Beam straightness 0.0008 mm/m
Operating range 30.5 m
Operation mode 1, 2 and 3 beams
Resolving power 0.005 mm/m

Application for shafts adjustment/alignment

Application for equipment alignment

Software for system operation

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