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Optical non-contact measurement systems

HomeOptical non-contact measurement systems

Cheap, simple, reliable.
The fastest probe for inner diameter measurements and videoinspection.

Appliable for submersible pump stators inspection.


Fully-automated non-contact optical system for geometry check of pins and socket with auto loading and sorting functions. Based on 2D optical micrometer.


Desktop 3D laser scanner for inner surface inspection of small pipes, stators and cylinders. It is equipped with two position conveyor that helps to quickly measure any bores with internal >>>

Fully automated optical measurement system for 3D inspection of railway wheels in hot (1100 C) condition. 


For diameters from 15 mm.

A set of instruments including a wide variety of laser rotating head for measuring holes and pipes, cylinders with diameter from 15 mm.


For diameters from 80 mm.

A unique system for fully automatic video inspection and non-contact measurement of profile, internal diameter of inner surface of smooth and rifled pipes, stators >>>

For diameters from 90 mm.

PROBIUS ULTIMATE system measures various parameters of smooth and profiled pipes: inner diameter, ovality, out-of-roundness, non-straightness, profile height/width;
The system contains a video inspection >>>

For diameters from 45 mm.

PROBIUS UNO system measures different parameters of smooth pipes: inner diameter, ovality, out-of-roundness, non-straightness (warpage);


For diameters from 50 mm.

Wireless optical system for non-straigthness and profile measurement of inner pipe surface.


A device for precise control of the outer diameter and roundness