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Cable diameter control system

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Cable diameter control system

The system is designed for non-contact measurement and control, as well as adjusting the diameter of cable, wire and other objects (e.g., rods, wire, tubing, stems, etc.) in the production process.

LIK-M series includes equipment for measuring the diameter of the cable in 2, 3 and 4 planes. The equipment is integrated directly into the production line.

•           High accuracy and reliability

•           Lack of wearing parts

•           No need for calibration

•           MTBF of 15 years

Principle of operation

Measuring frame, which consists of several pairs of optical micrometers and display and control unit with relay output, is installed on the production line.

Each pair of micrometers performs measurements in the same plane.

The system can be used for the analysis of complex form of the external shapes of various bushings, shafts etc., with the function of pattern matching.

Measurement of geometry with accuracy up to 1 micron at high vibration, when cable is moving at a high speed. Measuring speed up to 5 kHz. The system uses shadow micrometers with the laser or LED light.

Installation comes with adjustable dampers for the cable diameter.

Display and control unit allows the operator to calibrate the system, input tolerances and configure relay signals. The number of averaging points, the median filter setting for false positives, etc. are configured additionally.

The system comes with a full metrological support and necessary gauges.