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Optical flat objects geometry measurement

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Optical flat objects geometry measurement

The instrument for flat objects geometry inspection allows to identify and measure geometrical parameters of transparent and non-transparent objects, such as:

  • rings;
  • shaped plates;
  • other flat elements (50х50х10 mm).

The unit operation is based on a through-transmission measuring method. Diffused light source illuminates the object boundary for the high-resolution camera with the installed telecentric lens, that allows to eliminate prospective distortions (the image dimensions remain the same at any distance from the lens to the inspected object).

The object image is processed by means of a special software complex, that allows to carry out the following measurements, based on the image decomposition to simple geometric elements:

  • distance measurement between the parallel faces;
  • angles measurement between the faces;
  • measuring spherical radius of the angles;
  • measuring diameters and coordinates of the holes centers;
  • measuring mutual elements arrangement;
  • measuring distance between two preset points.

Geometrical parameters monitoring is based on comparison of received image with the user's drawing (in case of complex objects inspection), or with the tolerances table (in case of the rings inspection and other simple shaped objects).

Unit performance

Permissible absolute limit of error during the linear dimensions measurement, max, mm 0.01
Permissible absolute limit of error during the measurement of the angles between the faces (at faces length 5 mm min) max, degrees 0.1
Continuous operation time, hour 24
Power voltage, V 220
Power frequency, Hz 50 (±1)
Power consumption, max, Watt 1000
The range of operating temperatures, °С from 16 to 26
Relative air humidity, % 80
Overall unit dimensions, mm 200х250х320
Weight, max, kg 7
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