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PINSORT High-speed inspection system for connector pin & sockets

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PINSORT High-speed inspection system for connector pin & sockets

Fully-automated non-contact optical system for geometry check of pins and socket with auto loading and sorting functions.


  • 100% inspection
  • High-speed non-contact measurement
  • Based on high-speed 2D optical micrometre
  • Check macros programmed by a user
  • Auto-sorting (valid/invalid)
  • Auto-loading from vibrating bowl.


    Any external geometrical parameters can be programmed to be checked. There are two modes of check:

  • Super fast: check in one angular cross-section
  • Super accuracy: check in three angular cross-sections

    Following parameters can be measured:

  • Length / Height / Width
  • Diameters
  • Bevels
  • Roundings
  • Holes diameters
  • Angle
  • Step/pitch


    The system provides 100% quality check of pins and sockets when manufacturing. Due to auto-loading and auto-sorting, it has extreme performance. Accurate measurement of the total output of your products minimises the percentage of unaccounted-for rejects.

    The system is based on the high-speed 2D optical micrometre.

    Manufactured and washed pins and sockets (parts) are sent for inspection in batches in universal containers. The parts are fed from the vibration reservoir into the inspection zone and then are fixed by the pneumatic clamp. Rotating the part during measurement ensures inspection in at least three angular cross-sections.

    The measured parameters are compared to the reference parameters. Based on the results of the inspection, the parts are automatically sorted into four groups: "Valid", "Correctable +", “Correctable -" and "Defective" according to the criteria set for this type of parts. When the part has been measured and the level of quality has been determined, the system drops the part into one of the sump trays.

    The system can be integrated into the production line and connected to the packing equipment. The system can be adapted to check any type of parts of any size.

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