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RF651 - direct through beam micrometers

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RF651 - direct through beam micrometers
RF651 Series
  • direct through beam micrometers
  • long distance between transmitter and receiver
Measuring ranges, mm 10, 25, 50, 75, 100
Accuracy, µm: ±3..20
Measuring rate, kHz: 2..10

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Model RF651 Operation Principles

The micrometer operation is based on the so-called ‘shadow’ principle. The micrometer consists of two blocks – transmitter, 1 and receiver, 2. Radiation of a semiconductor laser 3 is collimated by a lens 4.  With an object, 5 placed in the collimated beam region, shadow image formed is scanned with a CCD photo-detector array 6. A processor 7 calculates the position (size) of the object from the position of shadow border (s).

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