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Laser Triangulation Sensors

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Laser Triangulation Sensors

We offers high speed, high resolution and highly accurate laser sensors (non-contact linear position sensor) for measuring displacement and position. Our laser sensors allow easy position setup and alignment with its visible laser spot. Quality and process control applications that require accurate warpage, alignment, lead position on integrated circuits, sheet and web thickness measurements can be precise and repeatable as our laser sensors are equipped with an auto gain feature making it unaffected by surface (i.e. energy reflections) texture, color or stray light.

The series includes four lines of models: RF603 - universal sensors with  2 to 1250 mm operating ranges, RF603HS - high speed sensors, RF600 - large-base and long range sensors, RF605 - compact value sensors.

RF603 Series – Multi-purpose Laser Sensors

26 models
  • Available with Red or Blue laser diodes
  • Varied diode powers for indoor or outdoor applications
  • Binocular sensors for laser scanning
Measuring ranges, mm:  2 .. 1250
Linearity, % of F.S:  ±0.1
Measuring rate, kHz 9.4

RF603HS Series – High Speed Triangulation Sensors

21 models
  • Universal, high-speed laser sensor in compact case
  • Available in Red and Blue diode wavelengths
  • Ideal for capturing fast events and road profiling
Measuring ranges, mm: 2 .. 1250
Linearity, % of F.S:  ±0.1
Measuring rate, kHz 180

RF600 Series – Long-range Laser Sensors

12 models
  • Up to 2.5 m range in a compact sensor
  • Varied offset distances for custom applications
  • Available in Blue diode wavelength for measuring hot objects
Measuring ranges, mm: 10 .. 2500
Linearity, % of F.S: ±0.1..0.2
Measuring rate, kHz 9.4

RF605 Series – Compact Laser Sensors

4 models
  • Ultra-compact design for space-saving installations
  • Value model for high-volume applications
Measuring ranges, mm: 50 .. 500
Linearity, % of F.S: ±0.1
Measuring rate, kHz 2