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Back-to-Back Distance Measuring Gauge

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Back-to-Back Distance Measuring Gauge

Electronic gauge is designed for measuring back-to-back distance of railway, metro and tram wheels in the course of checkup, examination, repair and formation of wheel sets. Measurements are made directly on rolling stock without wheel set roll-out.

Measurement range, mm: L± 25 mm, (L - nominal distance ) L± 150 mm
Measurement error, mm: ± 0.1 ± 0.3
Indication discreteness: 0.1 mm or 0,01 inch 0.1 mm or 0,01 inch

Back-to-back distance measuring gauge, IMR Series

The method of measurement is based on direct measurement the distance by contactless laser sensor RF603 Series.

Electronic gauge contains ball support to place the gauge onto the internal surface of the wheel, two side supports to base the gauge to the wheel flange, two bottom supports or the rails and contactless laser sensor.

There are a digital numeric display and control buttons on the front panel of the gauge. “Charge” connector for charging device connection is situated on the top panel of the gauge.

Back-to-back distance measuring gauge, IMR-L Series

The method of back-to-back distance measurement is based on the direct measurement the distance by laser triangulation sensor RF600 Series in-built onto the gauge.

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