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Laser 3D scanner

Laser 3D scanner

Industrial Laser 3D scanner is designed for non-contact control of basic geometric sizes of products during QC in batch production.

Scanner provides measurement and subsequent comparison with the drawing of linear and angular geometric parameters of the product.

Scanner is an automated coordinate machine with a movable measuring head.

The scanner comes with Geomagic software (purchased separately and supplied in accordance with the client’s specification) of Geomagic Group USA. Depending on the purchased modules this software allows you to perform the analysis of:

  • diameters, the position of centers, holes, roundings;
  • angles between the edges, faces;
  • technological displacement of parts of forged and cast products associated with the displacement of the elements of molds;
  • determine the shift of mold halves,
  • perform the culling according to set parameters of geometry and specified tolerances (hole diameter, taper, rounding radius, etc.),
  • produce a set of statistics on several forgings to identify recurring deviations of geometry.

The results of the analysis can be presented in a graphical form by highlighting different sections on a three-dimensional image of the product or in a from of summary tables.

Drawings, prepared in Pro Engineer or SolidWorks are used as reference models for forgings.

Three-dimensional image of the actual product is formed and transmitted to the program in the real time.

The maximum dimension of the measured items is 800x350x350 mm.
Measurement accuracy is 0.01 mm